PowerPoint VBA: Font and Font2 Properties List

In PowerPoint VBA, there are some similar objects.
The Font and Font2 object are very similar but they are different. It is difficult to figure out the differences by the Object-Browser.
So, I’ve made this list.

Font Font2
Property Return Type Property Return Type
Allcaps MsoTriState
Application Application Application Object
AutoRotate Numbers MsoTriState Autorotate Numbers MsoTriState
BaselineOffset Single BaselineOffset Single
Bold MsoTriState Bold MsoTriState
Caps MsoTextCaps
Color ColorFormat
Creator Long
Double StrikeThrough MsoTriState
Embeddable MsoTriState Embeddable MsoTriState
Embedded MsoTriState Embedded MsoTriState
Emboss MsoTriState
Equalize MsoTriState
Fill FillFormat
Glow GlowFormat
Highlight ColorFormat
Italic MsoTriState Italic MsoTriState
Kerning Single
Line LineFormat
Name String Name String
NameAscii String NameAscii String
NameComplex Script String NameComplex Script String
NameFarEast String NameFarEast String
NameOther String NameOther String
Parent Object Parent Object
Reflection ReflectionFormat
Shadow MsoTriState Shadow ShadowFormat
Size Single Size Single
Smallcaps MsoTriState
SoftEdgeFormat MsoSoftEdgeType
Spacing Single
Strike MsoTriState
StrikeThrough MsoTriState
Subscript MsoTriState Subscript MsoTriState
Superscript MsoTriState Superscript MsoTriState
Underline MsoTriState
UnderlineColor ColorFormat
UnderlineStyle MsoText UnderlineType
WordArtformat MsoPreset TextEffect



Apply to

  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2007