PowerPoint VBA: ParagraphFormat and ParagraphFormat2 Properties List

In PowerPoint VBA, there are some similar objects.
The ParagraphFormat and ParagraphFormat2 object are very similar but they are different. It is difficult to figure out the differences by the Object-Browser.
So, I’ve made this list.

ParagraphFormat ParagraphFormat2
Property Return Type Property Return Type
Alignment PpParagraphAlignment Alignment MsoParagraphAlignment
Application Application Application Object
BaseLineAlignment PpBaseLineAlignment BaselineAlignment MsoBaselineAlignment
Bullet BulletFormat Bullet BulletFormat2
Creator Long
FarEastLineBreakControl MsoTriState
FarEastLineBreakLevel MsoTriState
FirstLineIndent Single
HangingPunctuation MsoTriState HangingPunctuation MsoTriState
TextRange object has IndentLevel property) (Long) IndentLevel Long
LeftIndent Single
LineRuleAfter MsoTriState LineRuleAfter MsoTriState
LineRuleBefore MsoTriState LineRuleBefore MsoTriState
LineRuleWithin MsoTriState LineRuleWithin MsoTriState
Parent Object Parent Object
RightIndent Single
SpaceAfter Single SpaceAfter Single
SpaceBefore Single SpaceBefore Single
SpaceWithin Single SpaceWithin Single
TabStops TabStops2
TextDirection PpDirection TextDirection MsoTextDirection
WordWrap MsoTriState WordWrap MsoTriState



Apply to

  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2007