PowerPoint VBA: TextFrame and TextFrame2 Properties List

In PowerPoint VBA, there are some similar objects.
The TextFrame and TextFrame2 object are very similar but they are different. It is difficult to figure out the differences by the Object-Browser.
So, I’ve made this list.

TextFrame TextFrame2
Property Return Type Property Return Type
Application Object Application Object
AutoSize PpAutoSize AutoSize MsoAutoSize
Column TextColumn2
Creator Long Creator Long
HasText MsoTriState HasText MsoTriState
HorizontalAnchor MsoHorizontalAnchor HorizontalAnchor MsoHorizontalAnchor
MarginBottom Single MarginBottom Single
MarginLeft Single MarginLeft Single
MarginRight Single MarginRight Single
MarginTop Single MarginTop Single
NoTextRotation MsoTriState
Orientation MsoTextOrientation Orientation MsoTextOrientation
Parent Object Parent Object
PathFormat MsoPathFormat
Ruler Ruler Ruler Ruler2
TextRange TextRange TextRange TextRange2
ThreeD ThreeDFormat
VerticalAnchor MsoVerticalAnchor VerticalAnchor MsoVerticalAnchor
WarpFormat MsoWarpFormat
WordArtFormat MsoPresetTextEffect
WordWrap MsoTriState WordWrap MsoTriState



Apply to

  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2007