PowerPoint VBA: TextRange and TextRange2 Properties and Methods List

In PowerPoint VBA, there are some similar objects.
The TextRange and TextRange2 object are very similar but they are different. It is difficult to figure out the differences by the Object-Browser.
So, I’ve made this list.

TextRange TextRange2
Property Return Type Property Return Type
ActionSettings ActionSettings
Application Application Application Application
BoundHeight Single BoundHeight Single
BoundLeft Single BoundLeft Single
BoundTop Single BoundTop Single
BoundWidth Single BoundWidth Single
(Characters method) (TextRange) Characters TextRange2
Count Long Count Long
Creator Long
Font Font Font Font2
IndentLevel Long (Paragraph Format2 .IndentLevel propety) (Long)
LanguageID Mso LanguageID LanguageID Mso LanguageID
Length Long Length Long
(Lines method) (TextRange) Lines TextRange2
MathZones TextRange2
Paragraph Format Paragraph Format Paragraph Format Paragraph Format2
(Paragraphs method) (TextRange) Paragraphs TextRange2
Parent Object Parent Object
(Runs method) (TextRange) Runs TextRange2
(Sentences method) (TextRange) Sentences TextRange2
Start Long Start Long
Text String Text String
(Words method) (TextRange) Words TextRange2
TextRange TextRange2
Method Return Type Method Return Type
AddPeriods AddPeriods
ChangeCase Pp ChangeCase ChangeCase MsoText ChangeCase
Characters TextRange (Characters property) (TextRange2)
Copy Copy
Cut Cut
Delete Delete
Find TextRange Find TextRange2
InsertAfter TextRange InsertAfter TextRange2
InsertBefore TextRange InsertBefore TextRange2
InsertChartField (after 2013) TextRange2
InsertDateTime TextRange
InsertSlideNumber TextRange
InsertSymbol TextRange InsertSymbol TextRange2
Item TextRange2
Lines TextRange (Lines property) (TextRange2)
LtrRun LtrRun
Paragraphs TextRange (Paragraphs property) (TextRange2)
Paste TextRange Paste TextRange2
PasteSpecial TextRange PasteSpecial TextRange2
RemovePeriods RemovePeriods
Replace TextRange Replace TextRange2
RotatedBounds RotatedBounds
RtlRun RtlRun
Runs TextRange (Runs property) (TextRange2)
Select Select
Sentences TextRange (Sentences property) (TextRange2)
TrimText TextRange TrimText TextRange2
Words TextRange (Words property) (TextRange2)



Apply to

  • PowerPoint 2013
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • PowerPoint 2007