Word VBA: Predefined Bookmarks List

There is an article about Predefined Bookmarks in the Word developer reference.
I have remade this table based on that article.

Name Description
\Doc Entire contents of the active DOCument.
\StartOfDoc Beginning(START) OF the DOCument.
\EndOfDoc END OF the DOCument.
\Page Current PAGE.
If the current selection contains more than one page, the “\Page” bookmark is the first page of the selection.
\Sel Current SELection or the insertion point.
\StartOfSel START OF the current SELection.
\EndOfSel END OF the current SELection.
\Line Current LINE or the first line of the current selection.
\Char Current CHARacter, which is the character following the insertion point, or the first character of the selection.
\Para Current PARAgraph.
If more than one paragraph is selected, the first paragraph of the selection.
\Section Current SECTION.
If the selection contains more than one section, the “\Section” bookmark is the first section in the selection.
\Table Current TABLE.
If the selection includes more than one table, the “\Table” bookmark is the entire first table of the selection, even if the entire table is not selected.
\Cell Current CELL in a table.
If one or more cells of a table are included in the current selection, the “\Cell” bookmark is the first cell in the selection.
\HeadingLevel The HEADING that contains the insertion point or selection, plus any subordinate headings and text. If the current selection is body text, the “\HeadingLevel” bookmark includes the preceding heading, plus any headings and text subordinate to that heading.
\PrevSel1 Most recent SELection where editing occurred.
\PrevSel2 Second most recent SELection where editing occurred.



Apply To

  • Word 2013
  • Word 2010
  • Word 2007