Word VBA: Wrap Type Constants List

In Word VBA macros, we can specify how to wrap text around a shape by constants.
We can get the value from the constant name by the object-browser.
Sometimes, I want to get the constant name from the value.
So, I’ve made this table.

Value Name Description
0 wdWrapSquare Wraps text around the shape. Line continuation is on the oposite side of the shape.
1 wdWrapTight Wraps text close to the shape.
2 wdWrapThrough Wraps text around the shape.
3 wdWrapNone Places shape in front of text.
4 wdWrapTopBottom Places text above and below the shape.
5 wdWrapBehind Places shape behind text.
6 wdWrapFront Places shape in front of text.
7 wdWrapInline Places shapes in line with text.



Apply to

  • Word 2013
  • Word 2010
  • Word 2007